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Image Guided Implantology

We offer NobelGuid™ technology. This remarkable breakthrough is based on CAT Scan and CAD/CAM technology. It is possible to accurately image the jaw (CAT Scan) and record the image digitally in computer memory. The recorded computer images are then formatted, and an extremely accurate model of the jaw is reproduced. This model is used to fabricate a surgical guide that directs the surgeon in the precise placement of each implant into its carefully predetermined position. A final prosthesis (fixed bridgework or denture) can be permanently connected immediately in the same surgical appointment, and it is possible for the patient to eat dinner that very evening. Surgery is accomplished with far less trauma, and the post-operative experience should be surprisingly comfortable.

Sedation Options

We are certified by the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners to provide intravenous sedation. A sedation license requires advanced training and regular recertification. Modern local anesthetics (novacaine, etc) have greatly improved. For many patients, these are the only anesthetics needed. However for apprehensive patients or for longer procedures, intravenous sedation offers greater comfort. We are able to offer these anesthetic options safely in our carefully controlled surgical setting.

Implant Maintenance

Dental implants are biomechanical devices that function in a difficult environment. They are exposed to oral fluids and are assaulted by bacterial organisms. They are subjected to heavy forces from biting, chewing and holding various types of dental appliances. They also must withstand extreme temperature changes from (ice cream to coffee, etc).

While dental implants are, in fact, decay resistant and remarkably strong, they are still mechanical. It is possible for screws to loosen or break, for retentive components to wear out or other mechanical problems to arise. There are ways to repair or replace broken parts while keeping the machine rolling, so to speak. However, it is always easier to fix something that is slightly broken than something that is completely broken. Early discovery is important: remember the old adage, "A stitch in time"?… When patients regularly visit our office for timely, supervised maintenance care, potential problems can be discovered before they cause irreversible damage.

What is included in a maintenance visit at Specialists Dental Implant Center:

  • Inspection and examination of all implants and components.
  • Examination of all oral tissues and natural teeth, including screening for oral pathology and oral cancer.
  • A yearly X-ray to observe bone levels and check for caries (decay) or gum disease around natural teeth.
  • Periodontal cleaning above and below the gumline of all implants and natural teeth.
  • Polish crowns and natural teeth.
  • Clean and polish removable denture(s).
  • Clean and polish all implant retained apparatus for any implant denture(s).
  • Oral hygiene review and instruction as needed.

Call Specialists Dental Implant Center today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging is the latest radiographic technology. X-rays have evolved to this new and more accurate method. The use of highly sophisticated sensors for permanent dental implants instead of film allows instant images to be viewed on computer screens with infinite enhancements and greater clarity.

Most important is the advantage of safety. Radiation exposure has been reduced by more than 65%. Now, with Digital Imaging, we have improved accuracy in less time, with far less radiation. Specialists Dental Implant Center is proud to offer this new standard of care to our patients.

Teeth In The Same Day

When dental implants were first introduced, a healing period was 3 months or longer for the implants to integrate into the jawbone. Today...

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