Immediate Function

Functional and esthetic teeth
in one treatment session

Benefits of Immediate Function™

  • Shortened Treatment Time – you may be able to go from tooth loss to functional and esthetic teeth in one treatment session
  • Better Success Rate for You
  • Greater Comfort for You

What is it?

Traditionally, dental replacement surgery was a time-consuming, multi-step process. Today, we can replace teeth as soon as the implants are placed, drastically cutting down on the time and cost, greatly improving convenience for you! That means you can enjoy beautiful, natural looking teeth from the very moment they are placed.

Am I A Candidate?

  • Careful Diagnosis
  • Delicate Surgical Technique
  • Intimate Treatment Planning

What Degree of Replacement?

  • For 1 Tooth
  • For a Segment of Teeth
  • Center Arch

More About Immediate Function™

Immediate Function™ is a core concept of Beautiful Teeth Now™. Nobel Biocare provides a full protocol for Immediate Function™ that's valid for all indications and bone types. This simple protocol instructs dental professionals on how to select and use the implantsand give patients an immediate and functioning tooth in one visit.

Teeth In The Same Day

When dental implants were first introduced, a healing period was 3 months or longer for the implants to integrate into the jawbone. Today...

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