Teeth In The Same Day

A long term success…in a day

When dental implants were first introduced, a specific surgical protocol was followed that required a healing period of 3 months or longer for the implants to integrate (grow solid) into the jawbone.

While certain circumstances may still require longer healing intervals, it is now possible to place implants into the jaw and fabricate replacement teeth that can be installed the same day.

This can even be done immediately following teeth extractions. The implants are inserted during the same surgical appointment.

These new procedures are based on improved implant designs, better diagnostic capabilities and modifications in surgical protocol. The final outcome is predictable, and long-term success is equal to that enjoyed by dental implants placed under the more traditional approach.

A New Set Of Teeth

People who are missing teeth are now able to replace them with permanent dentures in as little as one hour and with less discomfort. This is made possible by the NobelGuide guided implant placement solution from Nobel Biocare.

In the dentist's office

Denture Created
An accurate fitting denture is used to get contours of the gums and define the exact position of the new teeth.

CT scan completed
A CT scan is performed to get a three-dimensional view of the bone.

Information combined in the computer

The CT scan information is entered into the NobelGuide Software program that
creates this 3-D virtual model.

1. Shape and width of the jaw bone determines where and how many implants are necessary.

2. Surgical Template is designed to fit exactly on the patient's gums.

3. The clinical and dental laboratory design the prosthesis (denture) to fit the mouth and look like the patient's original teeth.

4. The Dental Implant Specialist carefully plans locations for implants to secure the prosthesis.

Back in the dental chair

About three weeks later, the patient comes in for a one-hour surgery to secure the new set of teeth. The patient is given only local anesthesia to numb the mouth. The implants are permanent and do not need to be replaced.

1. A surgical template, similar to a retainer, is placed over the gums and contains drill guides.

2. Between 4-8 holes are to be drilled into the jaw bone.

3. The implants are placed into the jaw bone.

4. The prosthesis (permanent denture) is positioned over the implants.

5. Titanium screws hold the prosthesis in place.

6. The teeth are made of acrylic or porcelain that can mimic the look of real teeth.

7. The gum area is made of either acrylic or pink porcelain.

On the way out

The impants - and chewing - helps maintain bone compared to dentures.

Implants can be used on the upper or lower jaw.

Patient leaves the dentist office with a full set of teeth.

Teeth In The Same Day

When dental implants were first introduced, a healing period was 3 months or longer for the implants to integrate into the jawbone. Today...

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