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SDIC is the first facility in the southwest owned and staffed entirely by bona fide dental specialists. Our doctors have placed and restored over 10,000 dental implants in patients just like you.

Whether the situation calls for one implant tooth or an entire jaw reconstruction, we have done it. We continue to acquire the latest technologies and techniques so that our patients can benefit from modern and proven treatment concepts.

All treatment is done here in one facility under the coordinated care of our trained specialists. ALL SURGICAL AND RESTORATIVE PROCEDURES IN ONE EFFICIENT FACILITY – doesn’t it make sense? At SDIC our surgical specialists are university and residency trained Periodontists. Dr. Robinson has practiced in Arizona for over 35 years. Dr. Barget is now in his 14th year of private practice. Dr. Cebrynski has been in practice for 14 years and is a board eligible Prosthodontist, a dental specialty created to train doctors in skills and techniques required to rehabilitate badly broken down dentitions.

LET THE BUYER BEWARE! Make no mistake when it comes to your health. There are many in today's market place who would claim to be experts or implant specialists. In truth, there are no certified or American Dental Association recognized dental implant specialists. Anyone with a dental degree and a license can place and/or restore dental implants.

Only Periodontists and Oral Surgeons are specifically trained as part of their 3 – 4 year residency programs to perform advanced surgical and dental implant procedures. Basic implantology courses are offered as continuing education to all dentists, but Periodontal Specialists and Oral Surgery Specialists are trained as part of their residencies and advance degree curriculum.

You owe it to yourself to research your treatment options. Wouldn't it make sense to seek out real experts? We invite you to schedule an appointment to meet us and hear our opinions. We are confident you will see and feel the difference. You may be surprised that treatment recommendations made at SDIC will be more conservative, more convenient to accomplish and even less expensive. Come in and find out for yourself! We invite you to continue pursuing our ever changing website, but nothing is better than a careful examination and treatment consultation.

Teeth In The Same Day

When dental implants were first introduced, a healing period was 3 months or longer for the implants to integrate into the jawbone. Today...

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